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Insight, reviews and ordering information for books published by Alice Major.

Creative nonfiction

Intersecting Sets: A Poet Looks at Science


Welcome to the Anthropocene

Standard Candles

Memory’s Daughter

The Office Tower Tales

The Occupied World

Some Bones and a Story

Lattice of the Years

Tales for an Urban Sky

Corona Radiata

Time Travels Light



The Jade Spindle

The Chinese Mirror 



Scansion and Science (The 2018 Anne Szumigalski lecture)

Only Tenderness

Poetry Under the Influence of Time

Can you teach poetry?

12 or 20 Questions (rob mclennan’s “Alberta, Writing” site)

Heritage, Innovation and the Livable City (Remarks to the Edmonton Heritage Council Symposium)

Tune and rhyme: Translation symmetry at work (paper presented at the 2012 Bridges Conference on Mathematics, Music, Art and Culture.)

Brain Surgery, or the Schooling of Poets

Who’s talking? Thoughts on structuring a poetry manuscript


Other Writing

Freelance Writing


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