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Lattice of the Years

Lattice of the Years
Published 1998 by Bayeux Arts Inc., Calgary

ISBN 1-896209-25-4

About this book

This is a book of love poems—not only an Epithalamion for a middle-aged marriage, but also love poems to families scattered around the globe and beyond. It records the experience of emigration from Scotland and the symmetry transformations that leave love altered and yet the same.

Lattice of the Years was shortlisted for the City of Edmonton Book Prize.

Experience a poem

Aubade – performed with Nora Bumanis

Safekeeping – performed with Nora Bumanis

Text Poem – Symmetries of dilation

Text Poem – Sea Horse 


Whether it is the visceral evocation of a childhood picnic in Scotland or the deft description of her father’s bitter-sweet experiences in a senior citizens lodge, Major’s poetry in [Lattice of the Years] always hits its emotional target and reveals an unerring sense of linguistic control. I found myself re-reading Major’s poems again and again, drawn to her haunting imagery.

– Edmonton Journal, April 23, 1999 

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