Read Alice’s Szumigalski talk, “Scansion and Science”

July 21st, 2019

Prairie Fire magazine published the text of Alice Major’s contribution to the Anne Szumigalski lecture series in its winter 2018 edition. Thanks to Prairie Fire and its editors for the reprint of Scansion & Science that you can read here.

The annual Szumigalski lecture is sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets. Each year, a prominent Canadian poet is invited to speak about aspects of poetry and Canadian literature that matter to them. The University of Regina Press has published an anthology of the first 13 years of the series, Measures of Astonishment: Poets on Poetry, which includes the talks given by Anne Carson, Gregory Scofield, George Eliot Clarke, Mark Abley, Margaret Atwood, and Lilian Allen among others.

In her 2018 lecture, Alice asks the question, “Does it matter if a poet gets the science right?” — which leads to thoughts about the complicated relationship of poets and truth.

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