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Poems for the ear

Poetry is meant to be heard – the human voice’s connection to the ear.  Here are some poems to enjoy, many of them recorded with Nora Bumanis, principal harpist of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Locate the Site – (from The Occupied World) – performed with Nora Bumanis

01 Locate the site

Give the City its Three Names (from The Occupied World – performed with Nora Bumanis

Give the city its three names

River Our Bedrock  (from The Occupied World) – performed with Nora Bumanis

River our bedrock

The Moon of Strippers (from Tales for an Urban Sky) – performed with Nora Bumanis

Moon of strippers

Time Travel is a One-way Street (from Time Travels Light) – performed with Nora Bumanis

Time Travel is a One-Way Street

Aubade (from Lattice of the Years)– performed with Nora Bumanis


Safekeeping  (from Lattice of the Years) – performed with Nora Bumanis


Music (from Corona radiata – “Ear”) – accompanied by Nora Bumanis

Homing (from Corona radiata – “Head”) – accompanied by Nora Bumanis
12 Homing

The God of Cats (from Standard Candles)– read by Bob Chelmick as part of CKUA’s Road Home program.



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