Office Tower Tales gets Fringe coverage

August 17th, 2008

The production of “Office Tower Tales” at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival is happening at the Strathcona Public Library, at 12:15 daily for the rest of the festival.

Performers Alice Major, Amy Berger and Michelle Brown will be at the Beer Tent to perform an excerpt for CBC Radio One’s drive home show, RadioActive, on Tuesday August 19th. The show has already been reviewed by the Edmonton Sun’s Graham Hicks and the Edmonton Journal’s Todd Babiak.

Two tales from the book are being performed:


1. Bertha’s Tale (On odd-numbered  days)

It’s spring in Edmonton, and the food-court gossip by Pandora, Aphrodite and Sheherazad circles around the beauty myth and how others see us. Sherry tells the story of a young woman who must struggle because she is not beautiful.


2. The Office Romeo’s Tale (On even-numbered days)

It’s a summer-time lunch hour in one of the downtown parks, a flirtatious zone of relations between men and women. Sherry tells the tale of an office Christmas party and the guy who flirts with quite the wrong secretary.


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