Definition Host Government Agreement

September 16th, 2021

These MOUs provided that the two host governments would provide broad support to the external electoral programme, including security of registration and voting centres, escorts for the transport of electoral materials, and support for political education and public information campaigns. Some host countries, such as Canada and some European countries, only allow external votes in embassies or consulates or by mail. When external consultations take place in a country`s consulates or embassies, agreements with host countries are often not necessary. Even if external votes have to take place through postal registration and voting, the need for agreements with host countries is less urgent. However, agreements can still be essential to ensure the support of the host country. In the 1996 elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the registration of the external vote was done almost exclusively by post and the vote was done by a combination of postal and personal votes, depending on the number of refugees in each host country. Coordination offices have been established in 17 countries to disseminate information and facilitate registration and coordination. These offices were set up by a MOUs engraver between the RESG and the main host governments. The nature of these agreements and the roles and responsibilities of different host countries were very different. In the United Kingdom, refugee agencies have been set up to disseminate information. In the United States, an NGO, the League of Women Voters Education Fund, was established (Gallagher and Schowengerdt 1998: 206-7). .

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