Anglo American Oil Agreement

September 11th, 2021

24 Vgl. z.B. Minutes of the meeting of the United States Technical Group appointed to conduct preliminary conversations with the United Kingdom on petroleum, meetings II, III, IV, 12 and 13 April 1944, NA, Records of the Petroleum Administration for War, Record Group 253 [im Folgenden als RG 253 angeführt], Anglo-American Oil Agreement File, Grey Box II, Folder 5; “Report on Comments from Industry Advisors … », 20. May 1944, NA, RG 253, Anglo-American Oil Agreement File, Grey Box II, R.K. Davies Folder. Beispiele für Zwietracht über das Abkommen innerhalb der Branche finden Sie in J.H. Thatcher, Jr. to Davies, Summary of minutes of meetings of the Petroleum Industry War Council of July 19, 13 September 1944, October 25, 1944, NA, RG 253, Anglo-American Oil Agreement File, Box I, Folder 7; “ACTION BY PIWC on the Anglo-American Oil Agreement”, p. 6. December 1944, NA, RG 253, Grey Box I, File 1. Examples of continued rejection by independents in the West and Southwest can be found at East Texas Oil Association, ” America No Longer Dependent On British Shipping To Move Petroleum And Other Products “, nd, found in NA, RG 59, 890F.6363/10–2945; Beauford T. Jester to Tom Connally and Arthur Vandenberg, June 3, 1947, Bibliothèque du Congrès, Washington, D.C. [hereinafter cited as LC], the Papers of Tom Connally, Box 101, Anglo-American Oil Treaty Folder.

See also U.S., Congress, Senate, Congressional Record, 82nd Cong., 2nd Sess. (Washington, 1952) Google Scholar, Volume 98, Part 7, 9182, 8502–8503. 30 For the department`s reaction to the oil business, see Mémorandum de John A. Loftus à l`intention du Comité du personnel du Secrétaire, « Proposition d`arrangements interentrentiels affectant le pétrole du Moyen-Orient », p. 14. février 1947, NA, RG 59, 890F6363/2–1447; Paul Nitze et Will Clayton, 21 ans. Février 1947, NA, RG 59, 800.6363/2–2147. For the division`s efforts to promote a more competitive agreement, see memorandum meeting between Nitze, Loftus, Robertson, and Eakens and Orville Harden and B. Brewster Jennings, March 7, 1947, FRUS (1947), V, 651-654. To formally support the company`s efforts to repeal the Red Line Agreement, see Secretary of State to Gallman, 29 November 1946, FRUS (1946), VII, 39; Loftus Memorandum Interview with Orville Harden, Harold Sheets and B.

Brewster Jennings, January 9, 1947, FRUS (1947), V, 630-631. For continuing concerns about the cartel issue, see Kaufman, Burton I. “Mideast Multinational Oil, U.S. Foreign Policy, and Antitrust: the 1950s,” Journal of American History (March 1977), 937-959.CrossRefGoogle Scholar 26 For continued criticism of the agreement by majors such as Sun Oil Company and Sinclair Oil Corporation, see NYT, November 15, 1946; Statement by H.F. Sinclair”, 4. February 1946, LC, Documents connally, Box 101, Anglo-American Oil Treaty Folder. 23 The oil agreement, in its final form, can be found at Mikesell, Raymond F. and Chenery, Hollis B., Arabian Oil: America`s Stake in the Middle East (Chapel Hill, 1949), 185-190.Google Scholar For a more detailed analysis of the negotiations and the agreement at its various stages cf. Stoff, “National Foreign Oil Policy”, 193–205, 215–219, 258–261. Given the de facto opening of middle Eastern oil resources to American interests after mid-1947, the painfully negotiated and not yet ratified Anglo-American oil agreement submitted to the Senate in the autumn of 1945 was hardly necessary. . .


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