Royalty Agreements In Ax 2012

April 11th, 2021

Click Accounts Payable>”Royalty”>”Royalty Claims” to accumulate and process license fees. To use licensing management, make sure configuration keys are enabled under system administration > configuration > incense configuration Use the following procedure to set up a licensing agreement. In the “Greater” Registration Name box select the record in which royalty limit amounts must be reserved when the fee is approved. If you sell products that you need to collect and pay a fee to someone, AX has a suitable feature that you can use. With AX, you can save the products you need to charge royalties to and the assigned lender you would pay. In addition, you can register the request if you book a z.B sales bill. In addition, there is an approval process that you can check before and the invoice is established. The final step is to deal with authorized claims. In this stage, in-kind account accounts are reversed and credit accounts are established. You can change claims by clicking on the “Treat Royalties” button and selecting the credit pointer. After the sales order is billed, the user must accumulate the license fee. This will include amounts of unlicensed receivables. Royalties can be accumulated on an invoice, a week, a month, a year or an adapted period.

After setting setting settings, the next step is to set the license agreement in the lender module, click on the general click licenses, and then click on the royalty agreements, as shown below in the screenshot. Once an order has been invoiced with the product mentioned in the licensing agreement, a licence claim file is established. To view the license application, the user navigates to accounts that > common > royalty > royal claim. Each time an order is charged for the item of the licensing agreement, the system creates a license claim file under the account, payable > Commons > Royalty > Royalty Claims. From this point of view, you can accumulate royalties according to the terms of the contract, approve and process royalties on payments.

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