Price Agreements Competition

April 11th, 2021

AdC reports grievances to the National Association of Land Surveyors for pricing – The Portuguese Competition Authority has issued a Statement of Objections (SO) to the National Association of Surveyors (ANT) on the pricing of land surveying services. (…) In 2010, the EU fined LG Display 215 million euros for its participation in the LCD pricing system. [27] Other companies have been fined a total of 648.9 million euros, including Chimei Innolux, AU Optronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. and HannStar Display Corp. [28] LG Display stated that it was considering imposing the fine. [29] In some cases, an online retailer may adjust the prices of competing online retailers. However, there are opportunities for price coordination. If the retailer independently decides to monitor and reflect the prices of another retailer, this would be compatible with EU competition law and UK competition law. However, an online retailer should never discuss or accept pricing or pricing strategies with another online retailer, as this would be a serious violation of competition law. However, where the supplier brought this action against Retailer C as a result of the complaint, Retailer A and Supplier B may be considered parties to a concerted agreement or practice contrary to EU or UK competition law. On 22 October 2020, the UK Competition and Market Supervisory Authority (CMA) and the UK Office for Serious Fraud (“SFO”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding that allows the two regulators to investigate and/or prosecute individuals in matters of cartels and abuse of dominance.

According to UK competition law, the most serious (…) On 1 July 2020, the UK Competition and Market Supervisory Authority (CMA) fined the private owner of Spire Healthcare Limited Hospital and its parent company Spire Healthcare Group Plc (“Spire”) 1.2 million gbp for inciting and facilitating a price agreement with seven ophthalmologists based in (…) The court orders the disqualification of the director of the cartel of the acting agent – In the first contentious case of its kind, the CMA has ensured the disqualification of a director whose real estate agency Somerset has violated competition law. After four days of trial last month, Mr Michael Martin was disqualified today (…) Kartellgericht finds Roland Germany GmbH guilty of fixing prices. The usual concern of suppliers is that these platforms put even greater pressure on lower prices on retail prices, that product presentation may fall below the quality standards desired by suppliers, and that it facilitates “freeriding” – it undermines the investments of the supplier and other authorized distributors to improve the quality and image of the products. Between 1995 and 2000, it was found that music companies used illicit marketing agreements, such as minimum prices to artificially increase CD prices, to end the price wars of discount stores such as Best Buy and Target in the early 1990s. It is estimated that customers have been overloaded by nearly $500 million and up to $5 per album. A comparison in 2002 included music publishers and distributors; Sony Music, Warner Music, Bertelsmann Music Group, EMI Music, Universal Music, Musicland, Trans World Entertainment and Tower Records. In compensation for the price agreements, they agreed to pay a fine of $67.4 million to public and non-profit groups. Sometimes competing companies will sell goods or services at the same or similar price levels, so that price fluctuations in one company are offset by the corresponding fluctuations of others. While this may appear to be price-fixing behaviour, it is not necessarily the result of collusive behaviour between companies.

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