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Juries select “Memory’s Daughter” for two shortlists

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Memory’s Daughter, Alice’s most recent collection of poetry, has been shortlisted for two awards.

The first is the shortlist for the Pat Lowther award, given each year by the League of Canadian Poets for a book of poetry by a Canadian woman. Alice shares the 2011 shortlist with Dionne Brand, Di Brandt, Evelyn Lau, Pamela Porter and Nela Rio.

The jury said of Memory’s Daughter that the book “moves beyond the harrowing experience of infirm parents and final illnesses, to a celebration of two remarkable people. Wielding meticulous research and a keen sense of place, Alice Major recreates the industrial world of Clydeside, the wartime Glasgow of her parents’ heritage. With glosas, ballads, sonnets, and lullabies, she tells of clocks and photographs, love and politics, of birds and butterflies, factories and alchemy. Memory’s Daughter contains some of the finest formal poetry of the past decade, but handled gently, unobtrusively, helping pure memory to glow just as a gas mantle’s structure helps the old fashioned gaslight illuminate a cobbled street.”

This is the third of Alice’s nine collections to be shortlisted for the prestigious Lowther prize. She took the award for her previous book, The Office Tower Tales.

Memory’s Daughter is also on the shortlist for the Stephan G. Stephansson Award, given annually for a book of poetry by the Writers Guild of Alberta. In this case, Alice shares the honour with Robert Kroetsch, Tim Bowling and Jannie Edwards. The award will be presented to the winner at the Guild’s annual conference in June.

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